Ai Group

The Australian Industry Group (AiGroup) is a national employer association that champions its members interests and provides access to insights, networks and services. 

As a national organisation with offices across Australia, AiGroup provides advice, resources, and expertise, and has a specialist team of WHS consultants providing services to members. We are delighted to include AiGroup as a Network Partner of Toolkit Solutions.

As a Network Partner of Kitney Toolkit, online systems, bundles, documents, and training are available through AiGroup for members along with Kitney Toolkit's insights and support on using Microsoft 365 for WHS and wider business management. 

Members of AiGroup can use the links below to register for an account or log in to Kitney Toolkit.

Useful information

The fliers for our Systems and Training can be viewed and downloaded using these links:

WHS System QHSE System Business Intranet Systems Training

Use the links below to access our Toolkit newsletters, view a sample document, book a system demo, and register for a Toolkit account to access free documents. 

For information on the Australian Industry Group visit or to learn more about Kitney Toolkit's solutions for AiGroup members, call AiGroup on 1300 55 66 77.