Our network

Synergy is derived from the Greek “synergos” meaning “working together" and is people or elements working together to produce a combined result, that is greater than the sum of the results achieved separately. 

Supporting customers and solving issues has always been a focus for Kitney and we surround ourself with partners, working towards the common goal of building business capability, confidence, and growth.

Check out our network, technology, and business partners, and let us know if you'd like to partner with us to support customers and solve issues.

Network partners

Network partners use Kitney Toolkit's solutions and services with their customers. We either work through our network partners or directly with their clients, ensuring high quality services and solutions that last.

Technology partners

Technology partners have technology expertise to extend our services and work directly with their customers, to provide their ICT solutions. With a common appreciation of Microsoft 365, its a great match for services and solutions.

Business partners

Business partners are a really important part of our network, where we share interests and explore ways to solve industry issues through innovative solutions built on experience and industry knowledge.

Contact us if you'd like to join our network, we'll be pleased to talk with you.