Kitney's SWIP program

Empowering students, shaping futures

At Kitney, we believe in providing real-world experiences that shape the leaders of tomorrow. Our Student Work Internship Placement (SWIP) Program is designed to offer students hands-on experience and bridge the gap between academic theories, practical application, and on the job experience.

Together, we inspire others and make a lasting difference.

Our program

We offer a 3-month paid internship program to receive training and hands-on experience working alongside our Kitney team on real projects, expanding your network, and developing skills valuable for your future path.  Training and mentorship from our amazing team members and friendly buddies guide the journey and make the internship a truly enriching experience.

Our SWIP Program is underpinned by Kitney's core values of respect click here for details.

Following our internship program, we have opportunities to join Kitney as a member of our Kitney Team. We explore this based on performance, interest, and our workforce planning and business needs. 


We have SWIP Program opportunities in:   

We have an intake of SWIP students annually in May/June, plus throughout the year depending on expressions of interest and business needs.

Why join SWIP

Current and previous SWIP students

Real-world inspiration: SWIP student success stories

‘Working at Kitney has offered me an excellent opportunity to immerse myself in the real world. Since joining the team as a SWIP student, I have learned and improved upon numerous skills I never thought possible. Everyone's consistent support has been remarkable, motivating me to always strive for my best and continuous improvement.'  Noah

'My time as a SWIP student at Kitney was transformative. Coming in with no prior experience, I was welcomed into a nurturing environment where learning was encouraged at every turn. Through hands-on projects and mentorship from professionals, I quickly gained valuable skills. Landing a full-time role at Kitney is a testament to their commitment to fostering talent. I'm excited to continue growing and contributing to the team. Kitney has genuinely been the launchpad for my career in IT.'  Vardini

'Participating in Kitney's SWIP internship program has been an invaluable journey for me. Under the guidance of mentors, I've gained practical experience across diverse industries, including manufacturing, age care, biotechnology, heavy equipment, and retail. The supportive leadership and collaborative culture within the small-knit team have facilitated my professional development, enabling me to contribute to innovative internal projects and deliver impactful solutions to our clients. Through their receptiveness to my experiences, they provided structured approaches to problem-solving and alternative project management perspectives, improving my consulting skills.
I highly recommend the SWIP program to students aiming to enhance their proficiency in Microsoft Applications and excel in the consulting industry.'  Sayand

'The Kitney SWIP Program represented an exceptional leap into a collaborative environment, significantly enhancing my skill set beyond the scope of university education. I was presented with challenges that necessitated quick adaptation to evolving business requirements, the management of client relations, and the freedom to concentrate on problems and areas of the business that I found fulfilling and interesting. Entering Kitney alongside a cohort of students allowed me to develop in tandem with peers in a similar position, enabling us to support each other throughout our journey within Kitney.'  Kellum

‘Joining the SWIP program as a Marketing Coordinator was a game-changer in kickstarting my career journey. From day one, I was immersed in dynamic projects and given the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment. As I transitioned into the role of Marketing Lead, I found myself empowered to take on greater responsibilities and lead impactful campaigns. Jo's mentorship were instrumental to me, I've not only developed valuable marketing skills but also gained confidence in my abilities!' Jeslyn 

Who can apply

Kitney's SWIP Program is open to students currently enrolled in an accredited university or college, seeking to enhance their educational journey through practical industry experience. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

How to apply

  1. Look over our Kitney and Kitney Toolkit websites and learn about our business
  2. Fill out the online expression of interest form and let us know about yourself
  3. Wait a response from our team within two weeks


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