Toolkit Solutions

The best solutions available

For start up, small, medium and larger organisations. Get up and running with a single document through to a comprehensive, customised and flexible 365 systems, supported by specialist advice, e-books and training.

Toolkit Solutions

Meet obligations fast with our three great solutions, all professionally developed with business, budget, and flexibility in mind.


Designed to meet small, medium and large organisation’s needs. Flexible, economical, and customizable solutions for your business — wherever your business may be.

What Kitney Toolkit can do for you

Compliance and business burdens shouldn’t keep you awake at night! Kitney Toolkit’s solutions gives clarity on obligations, confirms actions and responsibilities, and provides confidence and peace of mind.

  • Ensure your business
    is compliant

  • Clarity over actions
    & responsibilities

  • Eliminate hazards
    & minimise risk

  • Time efficiency &
    greater productivity

  • Informed decisions &
    return on investment

  • Improved quality &
    workplace culture