365 WHS Package System

Are you a small, medium or larger organisation looking for an online WHS management system combined with a support package to set up, implement, and maintain your system?

Kitney Toolkit's 365 WHS system package has all the inclusions in our core 365 WHS system, PLUS our 365 WHS system support program using our WHS and Microsoft 365 knowledge and know-how.

Let us work with you on your journey to successful WHS management and using Microsoft 365 in your business with our 365 WHS system package, which includes system setup, 365 alerts and workflows, testing, coaching, monitoring and review, maintenance and updates.

$18,995.00 ex GST

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Key features

This 365 WHS Package System comes packed with inclusions to set up and use your company's online 365 WHS management system. Combining Kitney's core 365 WHS System with add-ons to support you confirm your WHS business needs, set up your 365 system, launch and put your system into use.

Kitney Toolkit's 365 WHS Package System includes our core 365 WHS System: 

  1. System Set-Up 
  2. 25 SharePoint pages 
  3. 15 Online SharePoint lists
  4. Document library
  5. Site administrator & useful links 
  6. System support

Visit the Core 365 System page for details.

PLUS, in addition to the Core 365 WHS System, the Package System comes with our WHS and IT knowledge and know-how to support your WHS and Microsoft 365 journey:

  1. 16 x hours of WHS and IT advice and coaching for WHS needs discovery and system set up
  2. 4 x additional SharePoint lists (inspection checklist, pre-start checks etc.)
  3. 4 x additional reference lists (company locations, ISO 45001 document tagging etc.)
  4. 8 x SharePoint lists alerts (reminders, incident notifications, safety data sheet renewal etc.)
  5. Online hazard report and incident report 2-step workflows and notifications
  6. 365 WHS system testing and preparation for use
  7. WHS action plan, WHS calendar and WHS administration actions
  8. WHS administrator handbooks
  9. System implementation with 3 months of WHS management meetings
  10. 12 x hours of WHS and IT support to review, maintain and update your 365 WHS system

Delivered over 3 to 6 months to suit your business, with payment plans, and a dedicated team of WHS consultants and IT support. Book in for a demo or contact us for further information.

A Microsoft 365 business licence including SharePoint is needed to run this system, Speak with your IT provider or contact us for further information.  If you're uncertain if the 365 WHS System Package will meet your needs, book a Demo or contact us. We would love to talk with you.