365 Business Intranet and Training

Are you a small, medium or large organisation looking for an online intranet for your business? Kitney Toolkit's 365 business intranet and training is designed to get your business intranet online and ready to go.

The 365 business intranet and training includes Kitney Toolkit's 365 business intranet and two-months access to Kitney Toolkit's online SharePoint training portable with its snackable and self-directed training modules.  

Great value and providing you a self-paced approach to getting your business intranet online in your Microsoft 365 tenancy and your people skilled at using SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 applications.

A great approach to bringing your business information together, building knowledge, and gaining from your Microsoft 365 business licence.  

$14,995.00 ex GST

Product code

Key features

Kitney Toolkit focus on building capability and supporting business brings the following great features to the 365 business intranet and training:   

  1. Kitney Toolkit's 365 business intranet (value $12,995+gst)
  2. Access to Kitney Training's online SharePoint Training Portal (value $2,995+gst)

System and training price of $14,995+gst gives a $995+gst reduction on costs for individual products.  Visit our Kitney Toolkit product pages for details of inclusions.

A Microsoft 365 business licence including SharePoint is needed to run this system, speak with your IT provider or contact us for further information.  

If you're uncertain if the 365 business intranet will meet your needs, book a Demo or contact us. We would love to talk with you!