Home Based Work Bundle

Home based work documents are used by a company to ensure appropriate actions to manage health and safety hazards and risks for workers undertaking home based work.

This Home Based Work Bundle provides customisable templates for detailing company arrangements for managing home based work to ensure WHS obligations are understood and met.

Suitable for businesses wanting a set of health and safety documents for home based work.

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Sep 2020

Key features

Based on

  • Australian Harmonised Legislation (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS)
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Can be adapted to suit other state/territory or country jurisdictions.

Content written by Work Health and Safety Professionals

  • Tried and tested in practice

Microsoft Word documents

  • Professionally formatted
    Fully editable
    Header (document name and page numbers)
    Footer with document control (document number and version number)
    Document history and tracking
    Place holders for your Company logo in headers

Document properties:

  • Document title
  • Company name populates document text [Company] when you add your Company name


This product contains the following parts:

  1. Computer Use Workstation Assessment
  2. Home Based Work Application and Agreement
  3. Home Based Work Procedures
  4. Home Based Work Top Tips

Computer Use Workstation Assessment

A Computer Use Workstation Assessment is an important tool for assessing a workstation and computer are set up correctly for use.

This Computer Use Workstation Assessment provides a detailed questionnaire to assess the set up of a computer and workstation including the chair, desk, computer and other desktop equipment.

Suitable for business wanting to undertake assessments for workers using computers and work stations.

Home Based Work Application and Agreement

A Home Based Work Application and Agreement is used for the application and agreement of home based work.

This Home Based Work Application and Agreement provides a structured format for workers to apply for home based work arrangements and the process to agree on the terms for the arrangment.

Suitable for businesses providing a structured process for establishing home based work arrangements.

Home Based Work Procedures

A Home Based Work Procedure establishes the health and safety arrangements for workers who undertake work from their home.

These Home Based Work Procedures provides a detailed and structured approach to identify and manage risks for home based work.

Suitable for businesses wanting a structured approach for managing risks associated with home based work.

Home Based Work Top Tips

Home Based Work Top Tips is a simple way to communicate information on managing health and safety when working from home.

This Home Based Work Top Tips is an easy to use template which outlines 10 top tips for keeping healthy and working safely from home.

Suitable for business wanting to provide simple easy to read information for home based workers.


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