Induction & Training Bundle

Induction and training documents are used by a company to ensure appropriate actions to manage induction and training for workers, contractors and others in the workplace.

This Induction and Training Bundle provides customisable templates for detailing company arrangements for induction and training at work to ensure effective WHS arrangements.

Suitable for businesses wanting a set of documents for managing induction and training at work. 

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Sep 2020

Key features

Based on

  • Australian Harmonised Legislation (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS) 
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Can be adapted to suit other state/territory or country jurisdictions.

Content written by Work Health and Safety Professionals

  • Tried and tested in practice

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents

  • Professionally formatted
  • Fully editable
  • Header (document name and page numbers)
  • Footer with document control (document number and version number)
  • Document history and tracking
  • Place holders for your Company logo in headers

Document properties:

  • Document title
  • Company name populates document text [Company] when you add your Company name


This product contains the following parts:

  1. Competency Assessment Form
  2. Toolbox Talk
  3. WHS Induction Checklist
  4. WHS Induction Presentation
  5. WHS Information and Training Matrix
  6. WHS System Presentation

Competency Assessment Form

A Competency Assessment is the formal process of assessing a workers competency and recording evidence of the skills and knowledge a worker has developed.

This Competency Assessment Form provides a structured format for assessing, recording and maintaining worker competency records for work activities and tasks.

Suitable for businesses wanting to ensure worker competency is assessed and records maintained.

Toolbox Talk

A Toolbox Talk is used to provide information and training and to consult with workers on health and safety matters.

This Toolbox Talk Template provides a structured format for planning a toolbox agenda, identifying resources and recording attendance, outcomes and actions.  

Suitable for businesses who want to provide toolbox talks and consultation to meet WHS obligations.

WHS Induction Checklist

A WHS Induction Checklist is used for onboarding a new worker (or others) to ensure important aspects of work health and safety are covered.

This WHS Induction Checklist provides a structured document to ensure information on health and safety is planned, provided and recorded.

Suitable for business wanting a documented process for health and safety induction for workers and others in the workplace.

WHS Induction Presentation

A WHS Induction Presentation is used to informatoin  workers in the WHS requirements and expectations of the business.

This WHS Induction Presentation provides a template to tailor to suit your business WHS arrangements and to train workers and assess their awareness and understanding.

Suitable for business wanting an easy to use PowerPoint template for WHS inductions and presentations. 

WHS Information and Training Matrix

A WHS Information and Training Matrix is a list of training for staff relevant to their position in a business.

This WHS Information and Training Matrix provides a structured format for documenting information and training for workers and others in the business. See Contents and Key Features for more details.

Suitable for businesses wanting to document and record WHS information and training for personnel.

WHS System Presentation

A WHS System Presentation is used to provide information about an organisation's WHS management system, it's purpose and how it is used.

This WHS System Presentation provides a template to present your WHS System to staff, contractors and visitors and instruction on how to provide the presentation.

Suitable for business wanting to provide a presentation on their WHS System and actions for WHS management.


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