365 WHS System IT Briefing

365 WHS System IT briefings are from the 365 WHS PLUS System, available individually for those who would like to learn about putting 'smarts' into the 365 WHS System.

1 hour- LEARN, POWER-UP and INTEGRATE sessions explaining Microsoft 365 applications and QR Codes (see Contents for details).

Delivered virtually, the sessions provide an overview, explore your business needs and provide demonstrations in Kitney's 365 WHS System.

$195.00 ex GST

Product code
Online via Zoom (booking via Toolkit Calendar)

Key features

Designed to help businesses understand 35 application and QR codes and how these can be used for health and safety management.

  • Provided by a Toolkit Solutions IT and Systems Support Consultant
  • Based on Kitney WHS system, Microsoft and industry experience
  • General information or choose from the System Smarts LEARN, DISCOVER & INTEGRATE (see Contents for details)
  • Delivered online using Power Point presentation, discussion and 365 WHS System examples
  • Information on Microsoft’s online learning pathways