Welcome to the Wellness resources included in your Kitney Toolkit 365 System, provided by The Good Move and Wellness Designs.

Wellness Designs Resources

Wellness Designs is a workplace wellness consultancy company supporting organisations to create healthy, safe and thriving workplaces. Specialising in strategic consultancy, speaking and training services for workplaces, government agencies and industry groups, drawing on 20 years experience delivering multi-award winning workplace wellness solutions across the globe.

Wellness Designs resources provide you with information about workplace wellness programs, developing a wellness champion network, and wellness predictions in industry.

Click on the links below to access the resources and learn about including wellness in your organisation's wellness, health and safety management.

Further Information

For further information and more resources from Wellness Designs, visit wellnessdesigns.com.au/ 

The Good Move Mat Video

The Good Move is a digital health and wellbeing platform designed by a physiotherapist and clinical pilates instructor. Offering a suite of short movement based sessions that can be done either working in an office or working from home. The Good Move promotes the mental and physical health benefits from taking short breaks throughout the day. 

The Good Move mat video provides you with some gentle core strength movements to complete on a mat in the office and at home. Do as little or as much as you can, and gradually increase movement and build your core strength.

Click on the video below, follow instructions, and enjoy adding some movement to your day!

Further Information

For further information and more video sessions from The Good Move, visit ondemand.thegoodmove.com.au/