Toolkit Solutions

Kitney's business resource site Toolkit Solutions is launching in August 2020!

Designed with business, flexibility and economy in mind, Toolkit Solutions assists in meeting obligations, minimising risk and safeguarding staff. Toolkit Solutions brings powerful tools to help bring WHS/OHS and business systems under control and ensure your workplace is safe and protected - wherever it may be.

Comprehensive Solutions

Toolkit Solutions offers four great solutions with essential business resources for small and medium businesses through to larger organisations. Each of our Toolkit Solutions are designed to create better, safer workplaces based on respect for people, knowledge, investment and the future. From a single document to our 365 WHS System within Microsoft 36 and enterprise level WHS systems, supported by specialist advice, e-books and training.

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WHS Systems information page

  • Toolkit 365 Systems

    Toolkit 365 Systems

    Online systems for small businesses through to large enterprises.

  • Toolkit Bundles

    Toolkit Bundles

    Sets of documents to meet specific WHS and business needs.

  • Toolkit Documents

    Toolkit Documents

    Individual documents to start or develop your management system.

  • Toolkit Training

    Toolkit Training

    Boot Camps and Masterclass Training for our Toolkit 365 Systems.

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