365 WHS System
A WHS System to use or develop
$4,995 + GST
Devices displaying a Toolkit 365 System

Toolkit 365 WHS STARTER System

Suitable for small, medium and larger businesses who want the WHS System to use or develop.

One-off payment to get you up and going:

  • Provision the 365 WHS System to your Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • 6 hours of IT and WHS online briefings and advice
  • How to Use Your 365 WHS System e-book
  • 365 System on-line user group and e-news for 12 months
  • 10% off Toolkit Documents, Bundles and Training for 12 months

There are no ongoing costs to Kitney Toolkit for the STARTER WHS System.

  • Online 365
    WHS System

  • 365 WHS System

  • IT &
    WHS advice

  • Policies, procedures,
    forms & templates

  • Cloud-based

  • Single one-off

Key features

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If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 licence or need support with your IT setup, Tech Tidy can assist.

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