365 WHS System
A WHS System to use or develop
$4,995 + GST
Devices displaying a Toolkit 365 System

Toolkit 365 WHS STARTER System

Suitable for small, medium and larger businesses who want the WHS System to use or develop.

One-off payment to get you up and going:

  • Provision the 365 WHS System to your Microsoft 365 tenancy
  • 6 hours of IT and WHS online briefings and advice
  • How to Use Your 365 WHS System e-book
  • 365 System on-line user group and e-news for 12 months
  • 10% off Toolkit Documents, Bundles and Training for 12 months

There are no ongoing costs to Kitney Toolkit for the STARTER WHS System.

  • Online 365
    WHS System

  • 365 WHS System

  • IT &
    WHS advice

  • Policies, procedures,
    forms & templates

  • Cloud-based

  • Single one-off

Key features

  • STARTER is a WHS System within Microsoft SharePoint with a comprehensive package of SharePoint pages, lists, tools, documents, quick parts and System Administrator area. It includes IT and WHS set-up briefings, and 12 months access to Toolkit 365 System User Group and News.

  • STARTER is designed for businesses who want the core 365 WHS System to use or develop.

    The WHS System is general and provides a good starter system for most industries.

    PLUS and ENTERPRISE are recommended for organisations who need more support or a more comprehensive system that integrates WHS with other business systems and applications.

  • The STARTER WHS System includes the following:

    Set Up:

    • WHS System provisioned to your Microsoft 365 tenancy
    • 365 WHS System set up checklist
    • 4 hours IT & WHS briefing by video-conference

    25 SharePoint pages including:

    • Home page
    • Key documents
    • WHS Plans
    • Consultation and communication
    • Induction and training
    • Chemicals, Computer use, Contractor & suppliers, Driving and remote work, Home-based work, Infection control, Manual tasks & Plant and equipment
    • Hazards and incidents
    • First aid and emergencies
    • Inspections and audits
    • Reporting and review
    • WHS records

    15 online SharePoint registers including:

    • WHS action plan
    • WHS training register
    • Chemical register
    • Computer use workstation assessment
    • Contractor and supplier registers
    • Home-based work WHS inspection
    • Infection control register (inc. COVID-19 status)
    • Plant and equipment register
    • Hazard and incident reports

    Document library including:

    • WHS Policy
    • WHS Manual
    • WHS Procedures
    • WHS Forms and Templates (x28)

    Site administrator & useful links:

    • Administrator area with look up lists etc.
    • Sandpit
    • Toolkit Solutions support link
    • Microsoft 365 Training Pathways link
    • SharePoint Look Book link


    • How to use your 365 WHS System e-book
    • Monthly 365 WHS System user group and news
    • 2 hours IT & WHS advice by video-conference

    10% off Toolkit Solutions (Kitney’s online resource site).

  • The WHS System is based on ISO 45001:2018 OH&S Management Systems and designed to meet Australia’s harmonised WHS legislation (ACT, Qld, NSW, NT, SA, Tasmania). It can be adapted to suit Victoria and WA OHS legislation.

  • The WHS System can be run in a Microsoft SharePoint Online licence or a 365 Business licence. Contact your IT support to check if you’re ready to go. If you don’t have IT support contact our IT partner TechTidy to assist.

    If you choose to add additional Microsoft Applications for your WHS System such as Power Apps, Power BI, etc, you may need additional licences for your business.

    See also ’Free Microsoft Licences?’ below to see what your organisation may be able to access.

  • Microsoft offer discounts and donations for licences for not for profit organisations. Go to the Microsoft site for information: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/nonprofits/eligibility

    Eligible organizations can use the Free version of Teams, or employees can activate the Teams Exploratory experience.

  • STARTER costs $4,995 – this is a one-off cost to provision the WHS System into your Microsoft Tenancy and give you access to the STARTER package. Aside from your usual Microsoft licence, there is no ongoing subscription fee for the 365 WHS System.

  • To run the 365 WHS System you need to have and maintain Microsoft 365 licences. The 365 WHS System is fully flexible and customisable and if you choose to add additional Microsoft Applications for your WHS System such as Power Apps, Power BI, etc, you may have additional licence costs. Additional WHS and IT support is available through Toolkit Solutions approved WHS consultants and IT partners based on industry rates.

  • You have complete flexibility, subject to our Terms of Use, to modify the WHS System. It’s designed to suit business and aside from customising to suit, we suggest you use the WHS System before making major modifications.

  • SharePoint and WHS training are important to understand how to use WHS Systems and manage health and safety at work. Microsoft’s 365 Training Center is a good base and we can provide information on further SharePoint and WHS training.

  • Download the 365 WHS System flyer and contact us if you have further questions.

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